Month: February 2017

Trump Address Liveblog

Trump speech live blog with updates in the article from your intrepid Glibs “staff” and your reactions in the comments.   8:05:  Much cheering from a little more than half of the crowd…. 8:08: That hair is just ridiculous. (sloopy) 8:10: Starts off condemning hate speech, vandalism and evil.  Not bad. (sloopy) 8:11: See? He wants to torch the world! (HM) 8:14: Campaign speech? Ugh. (sloopy) 8:18: Hair is looking’ good tonight, y’all! But where’s The Hat? I demand a close up! (SugarFree) 8:19: HOLY SHIT! This just became “Questions to the Prime Minister”! (HM) 8:19: Who could complain about the lobbying rules? Team Blue, I guess. (sloopy) 8:19: He’s really angling for that Union vote. Clinton shouldn’t have taken them for granted. (sloopy) 8:23: I had no idea I was living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland! (HM) 8:29: Doesn’t look like even the Dems that voted to confirm Gorsuch the last time can get off their hands.  Hypocrisy? Or are they lamenting their rubber-stamping some years ago? (sloopy) 8:30 American juche is awesome! Maybe we can get 2 hot Asian chicks to smear VX nerve agent on Trump’s brother-in-law. (HM) 8:35: Two kids are diaper-less and the third has just walked in with an entire chocolate cake in her hands. Shit. (sloopy) 8:39: REPEAL AND REPLACE OBAMACARE with something closer to the free market.  Yes, please! (sloopy) 8:43: “Across...

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The Burning of Books and Burying of Scholars

Last Sunday morning, I went with my wife to brunch at the local churrascaria in belated celebration (due to a case of the flu) of our 12th wedding anniversary. I mention this only because events like a wedding anniversary cause one to muse on cycles. Due to its proximity to the Sinosphere, 12th (24th, 36th, etc.) anniversaries, be they of birth or marriage, carry a certain significance in Thai culture as part of the duodecennial cycle of the East Asian zodiac and the larger sexagenary cycle of year reckoning. While a full discussion of the relationship between the linear and teleological view of Whig history and an older social cycle view of history is beyond the ambit of this article, it is worth noting that, perhaps, the truth lies in the middle as history might resemble a gyre or corkscrew. One of the advantages of studying history, philosophy, and literature is that it provides a corrective lens to the intellectual myopia individuals possess due to the limitations of living memory as a result of the ephemeral nature of human life. Case in point, without the knowledge that comes from these disciplines, one might be forgiven for thinking that the contemporary culture war battleground of free speech on campus is somehow a new phenomenon that originates from the nefarious machinations of a shadowy cabal of Globalist-Zionist-Freemason Lizard People. In fact,...

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When A Game Of Chicken Goes Horribly Wrong

I know its a week old, so sue me! Florida Man?  Pshaw!  Alabama Man, not to be outdone by his panhandly (it could be a word) neighbors, decided it was a good idea to play chicken at 4:00 am.  His son, rather than talk him out of the plan, decided to participate in the festivities. An Alabama father and son were killed in a head-on collision with each other on Saturday morning, police said. Police said that alcohol was a factor in the crash that killed Jeffrey Morris Brasher, 50, and his son, Austin Blaine Brasher, 22, but they are continuing to investigate. The crash occurred at around 4:10 a.m. when the 2006 Ford pickup the Brasher was driving collided with his son’s 2004 Chevrolet pickup, according to police. Neither Brasher was wearing a seatbelt, according to reports. Neither was available for...

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Tuesday Afternoon Links

Happy Tuesday. Welcome to today’s edition of sleep deprived afternoon links. Hopefully this resembles something not entirely unlike links. Colon and rectal cancer incidents are rising in young people. It may be prudent to get your asses checked earlier. More bad news for Big Diamond, every kiss may begin with Kay, but giving her a job at a jewelry store isn’t the same as giving her jewelry. JP Morgan software does 360,000 hours of lawyers’ billable work in seconds. This surprises nobody who has ever had to employ a lawyer for a matter that should take minutes and somehow takes 20 hours. The robc Memorial “State Out of Marriage” Bill has passed out of Committee in Alabama. Is it poetic justice that bigots created marriage licensing and now want to undo it? Is this the Libertarian Moment when politicians wake up to the Iron Laws?  China to consider financial incentives for second child. Why, its almost like the State’s policy led to entirely predictable, but completely unforeseen negative consequences. We should definitely encourage the American government to create as many of those situations as possible, right?...

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FCC Chairman Calls For Rollback Of Net Neutrality “Mistake”

Proponents and enemies of net neutrality can stop guessing what the new head of the FCC will do.  He has made it abundantly clear that he will move to dismantle the rule. “It has become evident that the FCC made a mistake,” Pai said at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, according to a copy of his prepared remarks provided to CNNTech. “Our new approach injected tremendous uncertainty into the broadband market. And uncertainty is the enemy of growth.” Thank God we have someone that understands market realities and how consumer choice is better facilitated when agencies get out of the way and let firms compete. According to CNN: The net neutrality rules, approved by the FCC in 2015 amid an outpouring of online support, let the agency regulate the Internet as a public utility, placing greater restrictions on broadband providers. The rules prevent Internet providers like Comcast (CCV) and AT&T (T, Tech30) from deliberately speeding up or slowing down traffic from specific websites and apps. In short, the rules are intended to prevent providers from playing favorites. Except there was no “outpouring of online support when people understood the issue and the uncertainties it placed on ISPs.  It existed based solely on how the question was asked and what pony the respondent thought he/she’d get by supporting it.  What it did, however, do was to stifle innovation, expansion, competition and...

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Identity Politics Part 2: Let’s You and Him Fight!

By Suthenboy A divided people are more easily conquered. The Imperialist European powers were well aware of this and commonly drew borders in their overseas colonies to encompass competing indigenous peoples so that those groups would fight with each other and not the conquering Europeans. Additionally they gained political capital by putting themselves in the position of arbiters of the disputes and alleviators of grievances for those indigenous people. The political left in the modern United States is also well aware of this strategy. Their most powerful weapon today is identity politics and the trump card in that deck is racial identity. They actively and deliberately fan the flames of racial animus and stoke grievances among minority populations. By playing the part of arbiters and alleviators they gain loyal voter support of minorities and by cobbling together a number of those minorities seek to gain a majority. They use the threat of labeling one a racist as a gag for those that disagree with them. The problem of course is that it is injurious to our society and culture to set a common people against themselves. Fortunately it appears to be a failing strategy of late yet they are doubling down on it. They have targeted every minority but the primary recipients have been Blacks. Until recently Black Americans were the largest minority in the United States. Constant reminders...

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Tuesday Morning Links

The week is off to a rousing start.  Well, it’s off to a start anyway.  Our very own Brett L’s kids kept him up most of the night, puking their guts up.  One of my kids dumped a kid’s potty full of piss on our bedroom floor. And Trump ordered a steak like a dick.  Also, some other things happened: John Lewis is playing coy on whether or not he will attend President Trump’s first Capitol Hill speech.  Or he’s just keeping his name in the limelight.  You decide. Police find time to participate in an elaborate wedding proposal.  Because nothing says “I love you” quite like using taxpayer money to have your girlfriend thrown in the back of a police cruiser with handcuffs on and terrify her. “It’s the perfect love story for us,” Schrupp said. “Our whole family is in law enforcement. I wouldn’t expect anything less.” – paging Barfman. The next women’s march is in the planning stage.  This one is gonna be more along the lines of a general strike though.  Oh, and don’t make the planner angry.  You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry Bucknell University goes full retard. I don’t know what else to say that would be clever enough to capture the stupidity.  Click the link.  You’ll see. DeBeers no longer has a death-grip on the global diamond market. That’s it.  That’s all you get.  Half of you...

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