Happy Tuesday. Welcome to today’s edition of sleep deprived afternoon links. Hopefully this resembles something not entirely unlike links.

  • Colon and rectal cancer incidents are rising in young people. It may be prudent to get your asses checked earlier.
  • More bad news for Big Diamond, every kiss may begin with Kay, but giving her a job at a jewelry store isn’t the same as giving her jewelry.
  • JP Morgan software does 360,000 hours of lawyers’ billable work in seconds. This surprises nobody who has ever had to employ a lawyer for a matter that should take minutes and somehow takes 20 hours.
  • The robc Memorial “State Out of Marriage” Bill has passed out of Committee in Alabama. Is it poetic justice that bigots created marriage licensing and now want to undo it? Is this the Libertarian Moment when politicians wake up to the Iron Laws?
  •  China to consider financial incentives for second child. Why, its almost like the State’s policy led to entirely predictable, but completely unforeseen negative consequences. We should definitely encourage the American government to create as many of those situations as possible, right? Right?

    Cancer isn't funny

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