Month: March 2017

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Friday Fab Foreign Footy Aussie Rules – The AFL started its season with 2016 Premiership winners Western Bulldogs handling Collingwood 15.10-100 to 12.14-86 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The Richmond Tigers swatted Carlton 20.12-132 to 14.5-89. The good news for the Blues is that they have 10 days to get themselves sorted out before they take on Melbourne. The league really gets going Saturday, with a full slate of fixtures. Some matches of the top-of-the-table teams include the heavily favored Sydney Swans taking on Port Adelaide Power, Geelong vs. Freemantle Dockers, but the best match is likely to be the (Premiership betting favorites) GWS Giants (#4 in 2016) against the Adelaide Crows (#5). Champions League – There hasn’t been too much action in the Champions League, other than lots of teams being fined for their rowdy fans. Barcelona, St. Etienne, Arsenal, Bayern, and Manchester City all racking up fines. There won’t be any matches until April 11, when the Quarterfinals start with Juventus vs. Barca, and Dortmund vs. Monaco. Rubgy (pasted in by Swiss Servator, naturally)- The Southern Hemisphere is so damned good at Rugby, and often tired of trouncing everyone else, that the various nations of the lower half of the planet set up Super Rugby. teams from the various killer rugby lands (New Zealand, Australia, South Africa are now joined by Japanese and Argentine squads) get together...

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