Glib enough for ya?

Thanks to now-designated-as beloved commenter Lafe Long for this truly excellent logo. At a later date we’ll post a roundup of other submissions so you can see the really hard choice that we had to make. There was much dissent, bargaining, and threatening to set people’s cars on fire, but eventually a choice was made. Even ZARDOZ and STEVE SMITH would be proud to wear this be-monocled fellow who is clearly firm but fair with his orphan servants.

Lafe was also kind enough to provide us with a nice font for the sitename too. Look for this to be appearing on t-shirts, coffee mugs, bumperstickers and those “pussy-hats” that the woke people are wearing nowadays in the near future. We’re just about done doing the basic things required like having a moneybin constructed to hold all the loot you’ll send us.

Lafe, in addition to our undying gratitude, you’ll get some free swag when we get it set up, full credit for creating the logo, and a no-expenses paid trip to Warty’s basement.


Isn’t this awesome?!