We’re all really delighted with the community that’s coming together here at Glib Central. But it feels as if we’re still missing something. Oh, right, an official logo!

Way back in the advent of Glibertarians.com history–you know, a week or so ago–we posted an invitation for you to design our new logo. Some entries have come in, but because we’ve nearly doubled our members (!) since the original post, we thought we’d give more of you a chance to win glory, fame and…wait for it…a bumper sticker!

That’s right, glibs. Everyone who creates a serious entry–and we get to decide what’s a serious entry–will receive a Glibertarians.com bumper sticker which can be plastered on a bumper (not a euphemism), laptop case, or anywhere that’s unlikely to get you assaulted. Unless you’re into that kind of thing.

To make this feasible for as many of you as possible, The Founders have magnanimously decided to extend the entry deadline to Pi Day. Yep, you now have until noon (CST) on Tuesday, March 14, to get your fabulous (and perhaps, not so fabulous) entries in.

One word of caution: do not send zipped files or any executables. They will NOT be opened.

Check out the original post for the specs and pay attention to the legal stuff from our in-house counsel. Now go have some orphans sharpen your pencils and get to work!


N.B. Entries must be SFW since the logo will be used to promote our future non-profit.