Here we are at another Friday, Glibs. Our beloved Jesse is out of town, but I’m hoping that this particular Fur Friday makes you long for his return.

I’m sure there’s a depressing story behind that eye.

Contrary to popular belief, I am just one big softy. Look at this puppy’s face and tell me you aren’t, also. I have a particular fondness for blue heelers, corgis, wolfhounds…and, well, most furry creatures. Yes, even cats, albeit at a distance.

In Montana, there are several pet rescue chapters–various regional Humane Societies since the state is so vast, “Res-Dog-Rescue” types (usually around the major reservations), and even some breed specific Rescues if you’re just really into Border Collies or herding types. The focus of my post today is RezQ Dogs. As was mentioned in a previous post of mine, we have some odd racial dynamics at play in the Last Best Place. However, folks seem to be able to put aside any “racist!!!1!” decries they might have when it comes to pet rescues. RezQ Dogs is a volunteer, nonprofit organization in Dodson, Montana, a bustling town of ~124 people, as of the last census. They try to find homes for the unwanted and abandoned dogs from the Fort Belknap and Rocky Boy Indian Reservations. You might have guessed that it’s hard for them to find homes for all of the pups they take in, and you would be right. The owners and the volunteers of this organization foster these dogs in their own homes until they can place them. Of course, at some point, they run out of vacancy and have to turn dogs away, too. They hope that one day they won’t have to do this anymore, that people on reservations will have some kind of respect and sanctity for the life of another creature.

Clearly spoiled rotten

Before this starts to read like one of those awful, heart-breaking commercials with Sarah McLachlan music in the background, here’s a picture of a dog who has literally never known hardship, besides trying to figure out which stuffed animal to rip the eyes off first. When I drove down to Wyoming to buy this little bundle of fur, I had no idea that an organization like RezQ Dogs existed, or I really would have considered them first. They mention on their website that the bulk of their rescues are just puppies, less than a year old. You don’t always know the story behind abandoned dogs, but in the case of a puppy, seems to me like someone just wasn’t ready for the responsibility or they lacked the patience and consistency to train the dog properly, and so they abandon it. They literally leave it by the side of the road in a box, assuming that a good Samaritan will happen upon it and give it the life it deserves. Or maybe they don’t assume anything at all. Maybe they just leave it there and figure it’s in someone else’s hands now and no longer their problem. Whatever their motivation is, they deserve to go to a special Hell.

Anyway, if you’d like to make a difference in a dog’s life, feel free to visit RezQ Dogs Facebook page or their website. It doesn’t look like they update their website as often as they do their Facebook, but they do make an effort to list all of the dogs they’re currently fostering. Better yet–seek out rescue facilities in your own neighborhood and make a difference locally. It might not seem like much, donating your time one afternoon or kicking in $5, but it really does have an impact.