Sad news from Manly Mondays: due to hard demographic numbers, I’ve been “encouraged” to include more Canadian friendly content. I have also been told that we cannot link to well-looped gifs from Kristen Bjorn’s RCMP-themed 1992 classic adult film Call of the Wild “starring 11 hot French Canadian men”

So instead I’ll talk about the next most masculine thing I can think of Canadians doing–CURLING.

A quick google search has taught me absolutely nothing about the sport but I am enamored with the adorkable, and unfortunately fauxhawked, Mike McEwen, who had a tasteful spot wearing very little in 2014’s (apparently one off for some reason) Men of Curling charity calendar. If you track it down you can use it again in 2025.

And just to prove that he plays a sport here’s an action shot: