Several years ago, before 55 gallon drums of personal lubricant were even a glimmer in my eye (incidentally they’ve sexed up their promotional material in an offensively heterosexist way), I would frequently find a reason to link this or similar videos of swarthy Greek and Turkish men helping each other lubricate for wrestling matches. Now if you watched the video all the way through you may have noticed that the combatants really get into their pants to lubricate themselves and that’s because it’s perfectly cricket for your opponent to get inside your pants and use your nether bits as a hand hold. While I hate to eroticize a purely platonic traditional sport, matches can fairly quickly look like a party in the back room of a Castro bar.

Anyway, I’m experiencing some severe hypotension (ICD 10 code I95.9) after slaving over a hot keyboard for hours to give you this serving of beef. I’ll leave you all with a pair of tumblrs where you can research this fascinating sport more thoroughly.