Downtown Billings, Montana. The city of racists, I guess?

Oh, Billings, don’t ever change. I suspect this might be a little too local, but we made national news, anyway. A local radio host, Paul Mushaben for Cat Country, KCTR 102.9, posted the following on his blog:

The crowd is so unruly and disrespectful of the facility that it may be time for the MHSA to proceed with an all Indian tourney.

Word is there was more, but the offending post was removed later that day after many, predictable complaints. Mushaben was suspended for his remarks.

… at least for a while. Following protests and an apology from Mushaben, he is now back on the air:

I would like to apologize to those who were offended by my recent blog post. It suggested separation for Native American teams to play in their own tournament at separate facilities. I apologize and regret making those statements.

My intent was to address the unruly behavior at these events and the disrespect of the facilities and to convey that any team, and I mean any team, not willing to acknowledge and obey the rules should not be allowed to participate.

I will continue to pressure the MHSA to stop the unconscionable behavior and destruction of property at our schools and local venues during all high school events by any and all parties. Disrespect and lawlessness should be dealt with swiftly and with consequences for everyone.

Again, I apologize to all who were offended and hurt by this. I also want to thank all of our Cat Country family for your loyal support.

Just another spring in one of the least diverse cities in the nation. Feel free to find your own city on the list and compare notes in the comments below!