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I never was a fan of the hair. While some of my Libertarian brethren celebrate proclamations of deregulation, I remain doubtful. For me, net liberty is the best way to measure a President’s Libertarian bent or lack thereof. If Trump manages to reduce federal regulations by 20%  but pushes trade protectionism, continued military engagement in Middle East matters, the expansion of the surveillance state, and other freedom-hating projects, that’s probably not a win for liberty.

I hope Trump proves me wrong, but his biggest obstacle, in any liberty-minded endeavor, will be his own party. Despite being given yet another opportunity to pass whatever they want, many Republicans lack the gonads to dismember big government. This should not be surprising given the party’s reluctance to adopt any meaningful reform efforts in the past. The opportunist in me hopes Trump can get them in line: The liberal media has gone full retard, and the political landscape is about as polarized as it can get. Reform efforts aren’t going to turn enemies into friends, but that ship has sailed. Most of the country has lined up behind their champion, and they aren’t going to switch sides anytime soon. This is the time to get unpopular things passed: Now is the time to burn it down and not look back!

Alas, Republicans seem blissfully unaware that this may be their last chance to keep the party from imploding. The election of Trump proves that a big portion of the base does not support the standard party line. That should be a wake-up call to every elected politician with the desire to maintain some authoritah. I doubt they’ll get the message – The future looks very bright for the populists.

Of course, voters want free health insurance and an Obamacare repeal; they want free retirement but don’t want to pay for it; they want free college and forgiveness of student loan debts they fully accepted; they want perfect security and zero terrorism. This puts republicans in the position of trying to satisfy unlimited demands for free shit and pipe dreams. The alternative is to back unpopular reform efforts that will lower costs, increase liberty and boost the economy. It’s time for Republicans to see the writing on the wall: The progs and populists will beat them on any efforts to give crap away; the expansion of the security state can only go so far before it collapses under its own weight. Taking the unpopular stance with big reforms now can give them support for the future, once voters see the overwhelmingly positive results of smaller government. Despite this, I expect Republicans will continue down the unsustainable path of max-security-prog-lite.

Even with my doubts on Trump’s commitment to liberty, there is something for which I owe him my deepest thanks…

Normally, I’m a news junkie. I watch and read news voraciously, and incidentally find myself completely pissed off with the slanted coverage from just about every media outlet. While I’m an equal opportunity hater of news, the liberal outlets are the frequent objects of my ire. Then Trump came along, and everything changed.

The intellectually-challenged liberal media went all-in to discredit Trump, pushing Russian conspiracy theories in the process. Allies circled the wagons and defended bad articles as merely false stories, but not fake news. #NeverTrumpers reliably bought into the media conspiracy machine, while others saw through the naked bias and tuned out. Too busy celebrating their fake news as Pulitzer-prize worthy material, the liberal media was oblivious to the fact that they had given Trump exactly what he needed…a villain and a polarized country.

Trump’s greatest skill isn’t his leadership ability or business acumen; it’s his ability to manipulate the media: If the phrase, “there is no such thing as bad publicity” is true for anyone, it’s true for Donald J. Trump. So Trump hit back and hit hard. He spewed his fair share of crap, but the media’s flailing efforts to take down Trump gave him plenty of legitimate ammunition too. And somewhere in all that mess I finally made peace with the state of the media.

Trump is not a Libertarian, not even close, yet he has brought balance to the force. Somehow, someway, the people of the United States of America elected the best possible candidate to completely undermine the media…and I love it! For years, I’ve watched the liberal media act as a direct extension of the progressive PR machine, while their trained monkeys throw shit on their chosen enemies. The people responded with Trump, a man who could throw shit faster and in greater volume than anyone else. The liberal media has met its match, and they have no idea how to fight it!

The media, as we’ve recognized it for the past decade, is done. Once the dust settles, we will see a dramatically different fourth estate: Progs will grow exhausted from their perpetual outrage act and turn their attention back on the rifts within their own movement. The resulting drop off in already low ratings will leave liberal outlets with a choice to change direction, or get pushed to the fringes. Meanwhile, the media void will be filled with interesting upstarts, a phenomenon which is well underway. The future of media is more choice, though not necessarily less bias. Still, I’ll take it!

President Trump, you have my sincerest thanks!