Judge Andrew Napolitano

Oh what a crazy world we live in. The Gorsuch and Comey hearings at the same time, with virtually nothing of consequence happening in one (Gorsuch) and a whole lot of consequential things possibly happening in the other (Comey) but both overwhelmed by partisan grandstanding and the reporting varying wildly from network to network.

One thing is for sure though.  It has, temporarily at least, cost Andrew Napolitano his job.  Because conjecture and unverified sourcing of stories has no place on network or cable news today. And because “wiretap” means physically installing a bug on one’s desk phone.  Come on, Fox.  Have some balls and have the back of the guy that ends up being proven right every time he opens his mouth.

Canadian immigration policy.

What a bunch of racist bigots. Almost half of the people in a recent poll want illegal immigrants rounded up and deported. Most of those are concerned the illegals will make the nation less safe.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the poll was taken in Canada.

Remember when confirmation hearings were about the person nominated and their qualifications for office? Apparently those days are gone for good.  Also, how does someone have a “contempt for our democracy” when they won fairly within the rules established? Wouldn’t the people calling the president illegitimate the ones with contempt for our democratic system?  (Bonus link on the same topic. Because doing one’s job and confirming an eminently qualified person to the Supreme Court that not a single sitting Dem Senator voted against last time around is “rolling over”.)

Proof for the first dollar of the California Republic.

Has the bell tolled for the California high speed rail project? Based on the 10 year funding plan going tits up, it very well may have.

Just go away, Dukies!  The world already hated you enough.  But they’ll probably be hating you even more after some of your fans blamed your early tournament exit on the North Carolina bathroom law.  Seriously, just crawl back into your hole in Durham and let the rest of us enjoy the tournament without having to see your rat-faced coach berate officials all game and hear the commentators metaphorically cream in their pants every time your team takes the court.

Is this not what you expected when you gave a freeloader 26,000 GBP to get off the dole?  Because if its not, then you’re an idiot.

From the same source as the last link (because its just too bizarre not to also give you), looks like not all of those Japanese anime sexual genres are so far-fetched now, does it?

Wrap it up. These links are done….