Happy Ash Wednesday. I was wondering why all the old people at the grocery store had tattoos on their foreheads. And I may or may not have bothered to wear contacts on that trip.

Any American techies who want a free trip to Hobbition, New Zealand will pick up your tab for a job interview. This totally isn’t a timeshare scam, they swear.

As ever, technology is making humans obsolete. Take up your sabots and destroy those power looms ordering kiosks!  The Rise of the Useless Class should be about people who make their living giving TED talks and doing jack shit.

Ouch, relentless self-promoter-in-chief gets in fewer than half as many references to himself in his first address to Congress than his predecessor. Terrible!

Someone thinks America needs a military department just for space. Would you like to know more?

Tucker Carlson shows Bill Nye that he’s no science guy and unworthy of the bow-tie.

All right you primative screwheads, listen up.

This… is my BOOMSTICK!