I don’t know about you all, but I love a good fuck you story. I’m not sure whether my favorite part is the guy getting the 27th Amendment passed in response to getting a C on a good paper, that his original teacher got shitcanned in the intervening years, or that the University engineered a grade change and trying to promote this as something they had a part in. Full disclosure, I am member of the U of Texas Former Students Organization — and I’m not giving them any money for this

It looks like many of our commenters were right — Trump once again successfully played his antagonists in the news media into scoring an own goal. CNBC rushes to join in the kicking of their sister network.

$200 drone shot down by $3M Patriot missile. Raytheon executives were seen high-fiving and ordering new yachts.

In an ongoing local story, Tom Cruise has been trotted out to pave the way for the Church of Scientology’s takeover of Clearwater, FL. If only they had some sense of architectural style beyond… faux.

Oh noes, yoga pants are killing the oceans. Goodbye, fish. I have made my choice.

And speaking of oceans, it appears our Cthulonic majesties are wakening.

Literally killing the oceans