Another week down.  Congratulations for making it. Especially since we all had to dodge those damn, reefer-smoking hippies yesterday.  Oh, you mean a large number of you are those reefer-smoking hippies normal adults?  Well then, carry on.

And now the links!

Scene of the crime.

Protip to France: you might want to keep a closer eye on guys that tried to kill a few cops 15 years ago that recently got out of jail.  In related news, there have been a few misidentifications already as to who was involved.  But the authorities in the countries involved know that the names being bandied about all belong to seriously radicalized nutballs.

Chicago fans saw too much of this over the last week.

Looks like the DoJ is going after Julian Assange.  I guess the arrest warrants for the NYT writers that posted the WikiLeaks stories as well can’t be too far behind, right? Right?!

Ooh, look! Somebody in the media that finally gets Venezuela. A very good read.

Wellesley students don’t understand what free speech means. I reckon they’ll find out what the meaning of “bloodbath” is when they start employing their chosen tactic to stifle speech they don’t like.

Damn, dudes.  You couldn’t even win a single game?

Dig that Texas sound.

Nothing about Oregon today.  Sorry. But go out there and make it a good one anyway.