It has been brought to my attention that my posts have been a bit monochromatic. We here at Manly Monday/Fur Friday of course strive to bring you the full United Colors of Benneton ad experience less the women and savage depilatory regimen of the ’90s/’00s.

This brings us to today’s Fur Friday choice. Another site I frequent usually has a roundup of attractive fellows on the Instagrams at the bottom of their daily links and a photo of these two fellows caught my attention for both their scruffiness and their interesting use of fur in winter apparel.

Just two #masc studs doing what a #masc stud does. #tbt

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What I didn’t realize until I clicked through their respective instagrams is that they are married (and an adorable one at that). Who are promoting wholesome family values. I’ll let Midnighter express how I feel about these pics in panels three and four.

Also there’s some great great otteriness going on in some of these pics and perfectly on-point beards in others.