Some links mildly NSFW*

I have it on good authority the that snow is melting rapidly on the SoCal ski slopes, but before it does I figured I’d get in a crack about biathletes. I figure everyone here can get behind a sport comprised of skiing and shooting things AND as a National Siblings Day bonus we have the Fourcade brothers. Now Martin is ostensibly the better biathlete, and he’s not hard on the eyes either, but I’d let Simon eat crackers in bed. He’s got a great body, likes to show off (I dare not do more than happy baby on a paddleboard), is very photogenic and knows it. He balances goofy and sexpot with aplomb, much like other favorite Chris Pratt. It doesn’t hurt that he’s perfectly happy to bare dat ass.

I’m not sure why, but he was photographed twice for the Dieux Du Stade calendar, this year (see link for “aplomb”) and in 2015 where he posed on a 55 gallon drum (because Santa came early…and so did

*Specifically biathletes (woman) and shooting (women), sexpot (man), aplomb (man), dat ass (man) and 55 gallon drum (man).