I have recently been made aware of a YouTube content producers The Kilted Coaches (Stephen and Rab) who are frequently wearing kilts (and only kilts) in their videos while giving athletic advice, which has not been vetted by Warty. As you may have noticed I have a terrible weakness for the intersection of affable goofball and hotness (mildly NSFW), and these fellows punch these buttons aggressively. Also Scottish accents. Did I mention the accents?

Some of their stuff is goofy to the point of being ridiculous and their inspirational quotes can be…schmaltzy (though I do like this one), but overall flipping through 10 months of Twitter, Instagram and YouTube content has been delightful. So make some bad decisions, and kill some time watching two dudes, in kilts, enjoy the shit out of their days. Also they know what’s going to get them buzzed about on the internet so here is How to get great glutes which ends with them walking bare-arsed off into the sunset.