Monday. Shit. It’s still only Monday. On the up side, its Cadbury Egg (or inferior Easter candy of your choice) fire sale day!

Even Mr. Lizard’s people are engaged in flight to the suburbs in Florida.

When Morning Joe says Democrats have forgotten how to win… Only Republicans could possible lose to them!

As if being a single, ginger prince helicopter pilot with a better hairline than the rest of his family, now Prince Harry ticks the vulnerable box, too. Maybe this will signal new national pastimes besides getting shit-housed any excuse.

It looks like Gorsuch is drunk with power.

Let me pile on and say that political street fighting is a bad thing. Everyone likes to joke that it will be short-lived because one side has all the weapons but having gangs fighting over things in the streets is literally what civil government is designed to prevent. If we can’t do that right, let’s just go full anarchy.