Here we go, people.  Almost at the end of the week.  Let’s finish strong.  Oh yeah, and it is apparently a holiday for some of you hippies out there. (I keed!)

And now…the links!

Ann Coulter: Safety Risk

Berkeley has cancelled Ann Coulter’s speech to be given next week. They are citing safety concerns. She has vowed to show up and give a speech anyway. (TW: Jezebel. So tread lightly if you’re going into their comments for comedic purposes. Its akin to jumping into a septic tank head-first to find out if farts stink.)

And in other “this is public property but the public is not welcome to use it anymore” news, the Secret Service figures its easier to ban people from somewhere those people own rather than it is to do their damn jobs.  I bet if there were hookers out walking in that area they’d keep it open and patrol it vigorously, the dirty little skirt-chasers.

Holy shit! I think I may have found the only non-partisan take on the GA-06 special election.  Screencap it, people.  Its like a unicorn in the wild.

Gimme my Bill Of Rights!

Why this isn’t all over the news is beyond me.  But Venezuela’s government has seized a General Motors plant. I swear, I saw this in an Ayn Rand book.  But I’m sure that it’ll work out fine this time.  Just ask Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover or Sean Penn.

What are friends for? If not to help each other out along the way.

Hey, if the police officers can have one, shouldn’t the homeless get a Bill Of Rights as well? Ooh, I have a better idea: why don’t we just have one for all of us and apply it equally?

The Beard is too much for Westbrook’s insane night. Seriously, that was a great NBA game. Which is something I rarely say anymore.

I like the nightlife, baby!

Good luck out there. Stay off the roads in the late afternoon. It’ll be full of stoners!