Imagine my surprise when I went to click on ESPN this morning to check a few scores and it actually worked!  I guess they have a few people over there still on the job.

::checks headlines there::

Hey, only two of the top six stories are either politically or socially motivated.  I’m sure that’ll move the needle, guys.

Anyway, we’ve got more important things to talk about than the NBA playoffs (The Celtics finally look like they’ve got their act together) or those of the NHL (sorry, Gojira. But its only game 1). We’ve got to do…the links!

The Atlantic thinks the hand should be bigger

Remember the good old days? When a thief wore a mask to hide his identity?  Those days are gone.  Now they wear suits and write editorials for The Atlantic after serving as economic adviser to two presidents.

Unsurprisingly, The AG has vowed to fight the recent ruling by a California judge that President Trump’s sanctuary city defunding policy is unconstitutional. By the way, it was the same judge that ruled against the First Amendment when he forbade the Center for Medical Progress from releasing videotapes of recordings taken inside of abortion clinics and of those taken in public of officials from Planned Parenthood. Plus his dad was a Democrat Party bundler and he’s been a Democrat Party activist his entire life.

The California national flag if this passes.

California takes one step closer to bankruptcy. I guess they were using San Bernardino as a template after all.  Or Venezuela, maybe.

Police close in, but SPECTRE agent kills self before they can arrest him. Seriously, WTF?

I hope you’ve all ordered tickets in advance for the White Privilege Conference starting today in Kansas City.  Ugh, If I have to go to KC to exercise my white privilege, I may just give it up.  I’ve still got my cis-hetero male privilege to fall back on, after all.

I wonder if Rand Paul has ever had a patient tell him this.