Both my kids have a stomach flu. So they’re basically running around depositing vomit in random locations in my house like puke-Roombas. Hope your day is going better.

The 3 year old has a giant melon


  • In which, Kevin D. Williamson proves he’s secretly a Glibertarians reader and ripping off contributor (Dear NRO, we are simply being glib. We agree with our lawyers that no actual intellectual appropriation happened and Mr. Williamson is probably actually ignorant of our little site. We hope your lawyers will similarly remain ignorant. Yours in poverty, the Glibertarian Team)
  • The most disproportionately popular job in each state. You’ll never guess what Florida is! (Hooray for raw clickbait. Too bad we don’t advertise)
  • This has the potential to be the Glibertarians version of the Cleveland Browns joke. (Don’t be let down)
  • Netflix users have watched half a billion hours of Adam Sandler. Hopefully 400 million or so were of this. (I wish Chris Farley had lived and David Spade had died)
  • For your own safety, if any law enforcement group outside of Berkeley offers symbolic arrests, decline. (Especially in Florida)
  • Gratuitous Kate Upton crawling around. (song may be triggering)

I think I’d like to be a regionally successful musician in Austin who can get Rodriguez to direct and produce a fun music video for me in my next life.