So apparently I had a premature ejaculation of surprise yesterday by calling it tax day, since its apparently today.  Sorry if I caused any distress. But on that note, make sure you pay your tribute today lest you want to risk being thrown in jail.  Seriously, it could happen.  Its right there in the social contract you signed in blood at birth.

Anyway, lets see if I can atone by providing you with some rock-solid, gold-standard links this morning, ok?

Korean Missile Test (about to fail).

Filthy corporate lobbyists are giving loads of dark money to Washington politicians in hopes of influencing them. Democrats are going crazy are loving it as the money pours in.  (Note a few familiar names in the story. Guess they’re ok with nepotism as long as its their side.)

A North Korean senior official has told the BBC that they will be conducting weekly missile tests.  Seems like a good idea.  In fact, and I’m just brainstorming here so bear with me, I bet they could do two things at once.  They could put anybody that has pissed Kim off somewhere in the vicinity of the launch pad and let the missile failure execute them. Perhaps an owner of a dog that barked during one of his speeches. Or a person that sneezed while he was parading by.  Or a person caught harvesting his grass to eat.

Its a touching story, really. The obituary said Elliot, a native of Charlottesville, Va., died “surrounded by people who loved him dearly and cared for him selflessly during the last months of his life.”  So get the kleenex ready (or perhaps a barf bag) when you click that link open.

“Star” of Serial, John McLemore

Writer for The Atlantic totally misses the boat on school choice. I guess all of the evidence of success is a figment of our imagination.  As is the continuing decline of public school performance in the face of ever-expanding budgets and strengthening teacher compensation packages across the country.

Want to know why restricting immigration from shitholes like Syria and Iran won’t work (even though people like me think it will, to a degree)?  Because there’s always somebody ready to make a buck on getting them here anyway.

“S-Town”: is it art or exploitation?  Can somebody please explain this whole thing to me?  Because it sounds like gibberish.  And until you do, I’m gonna keep thinking its gibberish and I won’t be able to chin-stroke and pontificate with my NPR-listening friends on how much better I am than these people.  Because all I could gather from the story is that that’s the only reason people tune in.

And in the vein of the above: this is about an S-man.