It’s Wednesday afternoon and your favorite contributor (I AM your favorite, am I not?) is taking an unusual turn at the helm of the Afternoon Links. I promise this will have 93.76% less hunky content than my normal posting.


Alliterative assertions allay apostatic angst

Proper Papal palace

  • TED Talks 2017 is officially a techno-rite church service in communion with the Roman Papacy (I was hoping they’d join up with the Pope in Exile in Avignon, but apparently that’s not a thing anymore, so whatevs). CNN summarizes, “Essentially, he told the academics and innovators, scientists and techies, there is no ‘you,’ without an ‘us.'” full transcript with link to the ~20 minutes sermon talk here.
  • Jeff Goldblum is planning to reprise his role as Dr. Ian Malcolm. The internet responds with a vexing amount of genital moistness, which confuses this author, but I’m certainly not going to yuck someone else’s yum.
  • Side of English beef, Ben Cohen, may soon be single. His professional dancer lady love wants a Hollywood career, but he wants her to stay in jolly ol’ England. *tidies cave, polishes club* I’ll be right back.
  • Passenger found dead after United flight from Heathrow to O’Hare. Passenger was rabbit on track to be a world record holder for size, owner was a former model turned rabbit breeder. Fuck it just click through it’s all weird.
  • Serge Brin apparently wishes he was as interesting as Sir Richard Branson and is “reportedly building his own secret airship,” which “apparently looks like a classic zeppelin.” While it isn’t partying naked with my favorite ginger prince on a private island, we at Glibertarians welcome our Steampunk zeppliney future with open arms and freshly brushed top hats and polished monocles and brass doodads.

    Go 'way, touching myself inappropriately while dressed as a Victorian dandy

    Not pictured: Brin’s airship