Sometimes I look at Trump and forget that the alternative to bad is sometimes worse. Talk about creating a hostile work environment.

Lol, from the “you’re stuck in here with me” files. Ben Carson and Alonzo Mourning get stuck in elevator on HUD tour.

Artist of “Charging Bull” sculpture sues over addition of “Fearless Girl”. One hopes that if he wins (and I’m not really sure he has much of a case), we’ll be treated to some burly workmen hitting the girl statue with a sledge hammer or some other progressive-outrage-inducing image.

Somebody needs to get these guys a pallet of Twinkies and a pallet of Mountain Dew
. Fat man competition in Ethiopia. They look pretty fit with potbellies to me.

Oh look, this cop has been taking lessons from the same book  the cops who attacked Sloopy’s mom. My local PD stopped me around Christmas and gave me a free ham for using the crosswalk.

And your motivational song for today: The Cowboy and the Poet