Wednesday “Sloopy Is Running Behind This Morning” Links coming your way.  Brought to you by the good people at oversleeping and alcohol.

Carter Page

In that first special election I was talking about yesterday, the republican won.  Don’t know if it was a moral victory forTeam Blue or not.  I only know that in things like this they use a scoreboard for a reason. The Libertarian got 2%. So at least we won’t get blamed for this one.

So even the WaPo is sure that the Obama admin spied on a close Trump adviser now. The entire article, other than that fact, is full of retardation. Tread lightly.

Big squaw got much wampum. Her look at national stage. Wage culture war on Orange Man.

Stop ruining my last name, dude!

In the latest version of “too little-too late”.

Sean Spicer must have a pretty large and calloused dick. Because he keeps stepping on it without batting an eye.

Blame this if the links were later than expected this morning.