You ever have a week that feels like its never going to end?  Like you’re barely to the midpoint yet you’re absolutely sure you’ve already ran an entire marathon?  Well that’s what this week feels like to me.  So while it may feel like I’m bringing you Friday morning links, we’re merely at Wednesday.  (Joy of joys!).  Anyway, here they are.

Democrat Candidate, Jon Ossoff

The Georgia 6th District special election is headed to a runoff.  This is not a HuffPo link, but I did read the HuffPo story on it and the comments are full of people accusing the GOP of rigging the rules to make sure someone had to get over 50% to avoid a runoff, complaining that other Dems didn’t drop out so he could win (even though they did not account for the difference in his performance and the 50% threshold) and that rules designed to keep blacks from the polls are still keeping seats from their rightful “owners”.  And oddly enough, hardly any mention of the fact that he doesn’t even live in the district. So be thankful, those few of you that actually open the links, that I linked to a local story rather than HuffPo’s.

Aaron Hernandez: dead.

Is Bill O’Reillyabout to get his walking papers from Rupert Murdoch?

Touching/Sad/Hilarious/Pathetic/Creepy/Bullshit story out of Oregon, depending on your perspective.

Aaron Hernandez found dead in his prison cell.  Good riddance, you piece of shit.

Here’s your lesson, lady: when you have a cop help you break the law and you get caught, expect to be the only one penalized.

Moving into the 80’s for those tiring of the older stuff.