You want to talk about crazy.  Try spending 9 hours in a car with three toddlers who all go to the bathroom on different schedules and who can only stay seated for so long without going nuts.  I blame the airlines. If the government was in charge of them instead of the greedy corporations, the price of a flight from Houston to LAX wouldn’t be four times the price of a flight from DFW and I wouldn’t have had to drive all the way up there to drop my oldest off.  I also blame the greedy rental car corporations for not being cool with letting 18 year olds drive cars without additional fees not to mention the drop fees for leaving them at another place.  If those selfish capitalists were replaced by benevolent government overlords, I could have started drinking that 12 pack of St Arnold Summer Pils earlier in the day.  But its ok. I managed to catch up by the end of the evening and watch the Nashville Predators almost pull off a miracle. Alas, they’re tied 2-2 with the Mighty Ducks (don’t give me shit about the name, I’m a traditionalist). Meanwhile in the NBA, the Spurs enjoyed their best night of the Western Conference Finals to date…because they had the night off.

Anyway, blah, blah, blah. You don’t want to read about me rambling. You want to get on with it so you can talk about Flappy McClutchyclaws or whatever its called. And other happenings in the world. So I’ll get on with…the links!

Julian Assange

Sweden have dropped the rape charges against Julian Assange. But the British said they will still enforce the arrest warrant for the Swedes…who are not after him for anything. Because that makes sense, right?

Some crazy asshole decided to play Grand Theft Auto for real. Failed to hide behind a dumpster and hit Circle Square Circle Square Left down Right Up before cops got there, so he’s in custody.

Talk about a shitty first day on the job.

Was that wrong? Was I not supposed to do that?  Also, bonus points for the two-face. Should have been smuggling Proactiv instead of smack, blondie.

Holy shit! A politician tells people with their hand out to kindly pound sand. Its a miracle. Hallelujah!

Amanda Knox

Foxy Knoxy to President Trump: I don’t owe you shit! Because America was just dying to know how she felt about things that the LA Times had to give her a platform. Either way, she’s still smokin’.

Say what you want about the lyrics, but the guitar is fantastic in this song.

Have a great day, friends!