Since May 2013 I have made note of the annual Herndon Climb at the US Naval Academy. The short version is that the first years must work together to scale a lard-greased (they’re claiming shortening this year) granite obelisk and put a hat on top marking the end of their first year.

2014, 2015, 2016 here

This years climb was broadcast live by Fox5DC, and is airing live as I type (but will likely be over by the time you read it), so I’m gonna get back to that, but if you have any interest in lads slathered in grease, grappling in the mud with phallic symbols and each other to achieve something together that they cannot do alone, this might be an event worth following. Update: it took about 2:15/

Man astride a very greasy obelisk (not this year’s)