Yo, it’s Memorial Day Weekend and also the weekend when Scottish Fest USA happens at the OC Fairground. I haven’t had time to post process most of the pics, so I’ll throw up a few choice ones today and dig through the rest later.

The flowing locks really makes this action shot actiony.

Former football player, current Highland gamer, and exuberant thigh tanner.

This guy’s name is Sasquatch. The very Scottish announcer could not get enough of saying that.


Eddie Braun (or Brun or Brown…it was hard to tell with the thick Scottish accent). One of the women next to us kept describing the filthy things she’d do to the guy in the blue kilt.

Braun (or whatever) had mad hops. As soon as I put my camera away he hopped into the air pulled his legs up horizontal and touched his toes. Landed gracefully to.