Here in Illinois, it’s so painfully obvious. After all, only five of the top 10 Best Cities for K-12 Teachers are in Illinois, and the teachers in those cities are only making 68% more money than the overall local median salary. And they have to work for nine months every year!

In this new report examining 689 cities, “Analysts ranked cities based on eight metrics that identify places that are affordable and pay teachers well, safe, have jobs available, have a populace that values education, and are nice places to live with abundant amenities.”

So, if, inexplicably, you are a K-12 teacher reading this post on the Glibs, consider moving to one of these lovely Chicago suburbs.

Bonus: You could live next door to OMWC and me. We’ll show you our favorite watering holes, and with your salary, you’re buying!

Top 10 Cities for K-12 Teachers