Well, I’m headed to Dallas today to drop my daughter off at the airport so she can head to California for the summer and teach kids how to swim, and artificially inseminate cattle.  I just gotta get on Amazon and order her a gross of turkey basters before I go.

Read the links…

Hoo-boy, did the Penguins ever shit the bed last night in the first period.  It was probably as painful to watch for Pens fans as that rendition of “O Canada” before the game started.  I swear that took 15 minutes. And half of it sounded like gibberish.  Anyway, I think the Senators are gonna win that series now. And I think Nashville will win the west.  Which will get us that dream matchup all hockey purists have been begging to see.

OK, I’ve dithered enough.  There was some real shit that went down and we need to talk about it.  So I bring you…the links!

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller named Special Counsel in probe into Russian election interference. Impeachment countdown clock starts…NOW NEVER!

Students may soon have more options.

In an absolutely stunning move, Charter School advocates have gotten control of the Los Angeles school board. Seriously, this is a huge story that’s gonna get overshadowed by the above one.

Maybe he was just trying to add a little flavor to one of their pies.

This seems legit.

Another accusation

You know, after another accusation, perhaps its time to roll out the death penalty.  I mean, come on.

Get on the road!

Have a great day, friends!

(Edit: second link fixed.)