Happy Wednesday that feels like it should be Friday. There’s a CSI van parked across the street. I’m expecting David Mancuso and the hottest female cop to ever wear a badge and a silk blouse to stop by any moment. Oh look, Firstros win again.

All right you primative screwheads, listen up.

This… is my BOOMSTICK!

  • BP CEO writes that global energy demand remains strong and growing, but abundant supplies of oil and gas are now a fact of life. No word on how many barrels they plan to lose unproductively to poorly-capped wells or plant explosions this year. The joke about working for BP’s plant in Houston was that the money was okay, but the survivor benefits were what really mattered.
  • Chelsea Manning is a free citizen. Just remember when you read all those anonymous leakers who claim to be in and around the Oval Office that actual brave government employees who leak actual secrets get thrown in prison or exiled.
  • Greeks demand an end to austerity. So nice of the birthplace of democracy to demonstrate its terminal state as well
  • The Washington Post — uses Infowars as a cited source and has the balls to lecture anyone about Fake News.
  • More enlightened European racism. Britain obviously has a dearth of Grievance Study majors and lazy artists
  • Hoarders aren’t spending their retirement money like economists want them to. I think we all know the solution, tovarisch.
  • Which one of you is this?

Its been a while since the anthem was run.