So there’s a boy in India who can “rotate his hands and legs at 360 degrees.

“I do all my best thinking like this.”

The 18-year old young man can also rotate his hands and legs at 360 degrees, but he can only rotate his fingers and neck at 180 degrees. Slacker.

If that wasn’t enough, he can dislocate his hands and legs, y’know, just for funsies. What, that’s not your idea of a good time?

“I’m in a glass case of emotion!”

His mom considers it (obviously) a gift from God, which, hey, maybe it is. Who knows? With great power, comes great responsibility, Yash Shah. I’m sure he will use his powers only for good–or for squeezing into tennis rackets, which is neither here nor there on the morality scale.

Alright. If you really refuse to click the link, here’s an actual picture of Yash.


And a little bonus, off-topic weirdness: click here to see if the Rick-mobile will be in your area in the not-too-distant future. 3,000 flurbos to anyone who takes a picture of it in their locality. I must live vicariously through you since they’re eschewing basically every northern-border state but a handful.