In response to some interest in floating a few dollars to the people maintaining the site – we have established a Paypal (yes, I know…Elon Musk) means to do so.  Look at the right side or bottom of the page and you will see the word “Donate” – the link will be there. Also, one does not need a Paypal account to use Paypal.

A couple of things, right up front;

THIS IS NOT A TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION. A non-profit corporation runs this site – but it is NOT a federal 501(c)(3) corp. That takes a lot of fees, paperwork and gets the Feds all up in your business. So we said “no thank you”, and kept it smaller and State only.

We have put a limit in place – trying to keep our paperwork and reporting burdens down, we do not intend to take in more than a few thousand (under 5, if you must know) in any year.  We are doing this not for Mammon, but for the Love of the Game. Well, and the groupies. Always that.

If someday, one of you has Bill Gates money – we can talk. But for now, a small token of your appreciation is more than enough. Feel free to give zero too…we are libertarians, for goodness sake – this is voluntary.