Man, its hot this morning. Thanks, Trump.

Well the NBA Finals finally kicked off last night after they took what felt like a month off after the conference championships. The Cavs looked like they knew what they were doing. Except on defense. And on offense. And on special teams. Let’s see if they make the corrections before they get around to playing game 2. Meanwhile, in 2017-2018 preseason action, the Spurs will play the Rockets tomorrow night. Oh wait, that’s not for a couple more weeks (probably). In baseball news, the Astros took a day off but get back to business tonight against the Rangers. And in college baseball, nothing happened…yet. But we’re all gonna be pulling for the Hogs and the Hoos to do some damage as the playoffs kick off this weekend. I say those two teams because we have a couple of passionate fans on here that talk about them regularly. And we’ll also be pulling for Rice! Let’s go Owls! (I have my reasons.) Full bracket here. If there’s a team you want thoughts and prayers for in addition to those listed, please let us know in the comments.

No hockey tonight, but you canucks will still be in our thoughts and prayers as we enter the weekend. Oh wait, there are no canadian teams left.  That’s ok, you can keep watching the American teams win year after year and still enjoy it. Right?

OK, I’ve dithered enough. Let’s jump into…the links!

A man and his dream.

With the stroke of a pen, Donald Trump Literally Kills The Planet. LOL, you can’t parody these people. Because it wouldn’t go far enough in describing their insane reaction to the President unilaterally stopping us from entering into a useless agreement that his predecessor unilaterally entered us into in the first place.

You’re goddamn right I want universal health care! Wait, you mean I have to pay for it?!?! Sorry, California. If you’d have been more judicious in harvesting and spending those unicorn turds and leprechaun tears on HSR choo-choo’s and cops making $200k and up a year, there might be some left over. Unfortunately you didn’t.

Illinois Bond Penalty Status

Illinois bonds downgraded to near-junk status. Lowest ever for a state. Moody’s and S&P both finger unfunded liabilities and a backlog in bills that are already equal to 40% of the annual receipts for the reason. Both say the state will likely lose rating altogether unless they get their shit together by July 1.

Houstonians establish fitness goals for the year on instagram. (You’re welcome.)

People, some of them “important”, attempt to exchange money for a service with supposedly willing participants. We can’t have that!

Kentucky Governor hits women, children, minorities hardest. (Just kidding. That headline won’t come out until the local story hits the wire services and filters down to Salon and HuffPo.)

Is this about MILF chasers? You decide.