Hoo-boy! Was I ever wrong about the scores at the US Open. Rickie Fowler is leading the way at -7.  That’s right…-7. At the US open. Now I don’t know how well those scores will hold up if the wind kicks up a bit and the rains stay away (which I hope will happen), but that’s a Byron Nelson Classic score, not a US Open score on a course that’s unbelievably long. So, all things considered, it was an incredible day for a bunch of guys even with some favorable weather conditions.

Rick Pitino

Not much else in the sports world (except for one story I will address below). LaVarr Ball probably said some stupid shit. Some baseball was played (but the Astros were off). And the NCAA dropped the hammer on Louisville and Rick Pitino  for hiring strippers and whores for basketball prospects. An incredulous Rick Pitino said he has lost faith in the NCAA.  The same Rick Pitino that has gotten every college team he has coached in trouble with the NCAA and has a well-earned reputation for being a sleazy, underhanded cunt. I know there are a few Louisville fans here, but I’m sorry. Your coach is cancer.

That’s it. So now we’re on to…the links!

Stop trying to make this shit happen. Nobody with an ounce of brains or sanity wants it to happen. And the marketplace of a few Brooklyn neighborhoods ain’t enough to sustain profitability. Those rooftop beekeepers and unicycle enthusiasts on a staycation do not represent the American man.

The only people more retarded than the ones in that above link are the ones in this link. Seriously. What. The. Fuck?

Pete Rose: incredible baseball player

Here’s the aforementioned sports story: The National Baseball Hall Of Fame has upheld Pete Rose’s lifetime ban. The one he voluntarily signed when he admitted to having gambled on baseball while he was a manager.  Good. Fuck Pete Rose. I drove by Jonathan’s Cafe in Franklin, Ohio in the morning a million times growing up and saw his Lamborghini with “4192” on the license plates on plenty of those trips. Everybody knew he was in there gambling. Everybody knew it was against the rules. And I have no sympathy for the asshole that turned me off from baseball for damn near a decade when I grew up idolizing him from the green seats behind first base at Riverfront. I hope he gets into the Hall…about two weeks after they chuck his dead body in the dirt.

Oregon ignores science. What’s surprising is that they beat California and Washington.

We do things right in Texas. (Photos worth looking at for gun nuts)

Check off another box in the “winning” column for President Trump. A small box, but still.

Yeah, I know its garbage.

That’s it. Go out there and have a great day, friends!