The Astros won a day game. The Twins lost to the Sawks. The Dodgers won  and a Yankee blew out his patellar tendon in his debut…plus the pinstripes lost. Not much else happened as far as actual games yesterday. The Wimbledon draw is set and Federer is the #1 seed and faces a tough slate if he is to win.

In basketball news, expect there to be an NCAA investigation into Kentucky basketball soon. No other explanation exists for Calipari asking the Knicks if they’d like him to come coach them. And Carmelo Anthony would like to become a Cavalier.  But I doubt Cleveland wants to deliberately catch cancer, so I can’t see them wanting him.

Football is coming soon enough, thank God.  Until then, I’m gonna struggle to bring you sports in advance of…the links!

The House passed a tough new law affecting illegal aliens. Lots of Democrat defectors to vote with the GOP on this one. Let’s see if the media portray them as evil Nazis too.

Jose Arizmendi

In other immigrant-related news, a Houston, TX federal judge has revived the naturalized citizenship of a child rapist. He revoked it because the guy didn’t disclose it on his citizenship application. And apparently the INS didn’t cross-reference state criminal records when they were handing out citizenships in 1996.

An interesting, and bluntly critical, look at the Ossoff campaign’s terrible messaging strategy. Something like this belonged more on QVC than a highly-covered election.

Travel ban Temporary halt on immigration from a few countries is back after the Supreme Court unanimously struck down orders from the 4th and 9th Circuit Courts that halted it.

Greta Van Susteren

Greta out at MSNBC after less than six months. I guess that square peg didn’t fit into that round hole.

I’m throwing y’all a bone with my final link of the week.  A federal judge has kicked the gun-grabbers in California square in the nuts.


Have a great day, friends. And a better weekend.