Since OMWC clearly feels that professional obligations are more important than his Jewsday Tuesday gig here at Glibertarians HQ, I am taking it upon myself to provide you with a post.

People often ask me, “What’s it like being married to OMWC? How much impact does his Jewiness have on the relationship and daily life?”

In no particular order, here are the pros and cons.


  • There is no Jew Gold. WTF? Perhaps it’s just being rather well hidden?
  • OMWC bursts randomly into songs/chants in an ancient language that no shiksa could possibly be expected to understand. And he’s not that good a singer.
  • His mother lives in Del Boca Vista.
  • He thinks he’s really very funny because “all the best comedians are Jews.” He’s not funny. I try to get people to not politely laugh at his jokes because it only serves to encourage him.
  • He invites the Elders of Zion over for strategy sessions.
  • He dresses our poor little dog in a Jew Hat and Jew Scarf.


  • Latkes