My A/C is out today — but I am working in my usual costume and it is overcast, so its basically like having my own work-at-home sauna.

Firstros are so far in front that their ace will be resting until after the All-Star break. If he gets all the way healthy, he’s going to be strong at the end of September — hopefully getting them into October.

The police officer who shot Philando Castile did nothing illegal, but his employer settled with the family for $3M. It seems like it would be cheaper to fire and aggressively prosecute police officers. (And, fair point to Kmele Foster in the latest 5th Column podcast, the officer was prosecuted with approximately the same charges that a non-law enforcement officer might be prosecuted if they shot and killed someone who said they had a gun and were reaching in their pocket. I think police officers ought to be held to a higher standard by both prosecutors and jurors, but at least the prosecutors got it to trial.)

The USSC seems to be signalling that they are looking to take a break broadening 2A rights. Dissenting were Thomas and Gorsuch.

The main wing of the GOP seems to be telling their people that the Health Care bill may be a giant turd sandwich, but everyone should take a bite.

Manly Monday handled

Nate Silver’s blog says that maybe the “fight for $15” is hurting Seattle employment before they even finish implementing it. I’m guessing that between this and his hedging (and still missing) on (D) elections, he’s going to be outcast by 2018.

Throwback to the 90’s for the song.