Man, that US open was off the hook. Probably the most entertaining golf tournament I’ve seen in a while. (Note to USGA: people really, really, really enjoy compelling golf, and it doesn’t have to include tricking out a golf course so its nearly unplayable!) Brooks Koepka ended up getting the hot hand down the stretch and won by 3. Sorry Rickie Fowler fans. Looks like he’ll continue his chase to being the next Sergio Garcia…and will win his first major a decade or so from now.

And in other sport news, Pakistan absolutely demolished India in the Champions Cup cricket final. After bowling out the first two India batsmen in the first two overs, the rout was on and India’s innings were done in the thirtieth over. There were almost a billion people expected to tune in.

Astros lost 2 of 3 to the Red Sox and continue to disappoint their way to still having the best record in the major leagues by a good margin.

Righto! Now on with…the links!

Loretta Lynch

Loretta Lynch now in crosshairs of GOP-led Congressional oversight committees. The racist and sexist old white men committee chiefs tasked with looking into executive branch activities are expected to summon her to Capitol Hill to answer a few questions in light of James Comey’s testimony.

Somebody standing watch on this Navy vessel fucked up badly.  There’s almost no other explanation for the collision that claimed the lives of 7 crewmen.

Want to test the bounds of the Non-Aggression Principle? These assholes will do it to you.

The special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District has now cost over $50 million. Just goes to show you that these fuckers have way, way too much power.

Revelers at EDC

The Electric Daisy Carnival still gives newsmen the vapors.  I bet there were fewer incidents than at a typical Vegas NASCAR Winston Cup, er Nextel Series, no, I meant Sprint Series no, no, no…Monster Energy Series race.

Don’t worry. I’m not gonna subject you to techno. But there will be synths.

Make it a great day, friends.

BONUS LATE LINK: REAL FEMENISM!!!!!!!!! (No, seriously. Which is gonna cause a few panties to get soiled.)