Well I sure was wrong about Oregon State cruising to a CWS title. Instead we’re all going to get treated to an all-SEC affair. And that means my reporting on it has come to a conclusion.  Well, I’ll probably mention something on it, but that conference being a literal lock to win it takes a little shine off the remaining best of three series for me and for most of America. Which means we can focus on the professionals…and the Astros taking 2 of 3 from the second place Mariners over the weekend. But the Dodgers have come to within 1 game of the Astros for best record in the majors after reeling 10 games in a row off. Of course, there are like 6 whole teams in the NL with a winning record, but I will still give credit where its due.  Oh yeah, and Tim Tebow is moving up to high-A ball in the Mets organization.  They better start prepping him, because the way they’re playing, he might be the only person able to draw a crowd in New York by the end of the regular season.

And in other sports news, it looks like ESPN is trying to make a story out of a man saying what should be considered an obvious truth to anyone with a pair of brain cells to bump into each other.  Seriously, anybody that thinks an elite woman could compete with elite men in this sport is out of their goddamn mind. Plus Jordan Spieth did everything he could to piss a tournament away with his putter yesterday. So he did what only seemed obvious: he won it in a playoff without taking the flatstick out of his bag.

Well that’s your weekend sports update. Hope it whetted your appetite for…the links!

Just in case any of you wanted to know the story behind the next huge war…that we can hopefully sit out. But I doubt we can.  Hat tip: One True Athena.

Maxine Waters?

When President Trump supporters show up to her town hall James Brown impersonator Congresswoman Maxine Waters says “Get back! Huh. This is the big payback.”

You just don’t understand their creativity, man. Or whatever it is that’s causing Hollywood celebrities to wax poetically about assassination.

This guy deserves a round of applause. Somebody owes him a life debt. Or a multiple broken bones debt. Either way, he done good.

Trump manages to cause massive butthurt even when he doesn’t do something. Of course, the “tradition” is all of 20 out of 240 years old. But don’t let that stop the left from shitting their pants over it. Several Muslim men expressed anger. Most Muslim women were not available for comment.

The CNN newsroom. All day…every day.

After months of reporting just about anything on Russia that crosses its plate, CNN decides to (perhaps) become a legitimate news outlet again. Or, as likely, they decide they want to make sure the stories fit their narrative before publishing them.

A nice mellow one for y’all.

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