Reading this, I felt a sense of dread – not just because I am familiar with the terrible situation in Afghanistan, and knew how the dead from both the attack and the protest were innocents. Rather, it reminded me of 1992-1996.

Now that you see the protests and a ham handed reaction by the current central government, I am reminded of one of the Taliban’s advantages. When the Talib swept up from the South and Southeast of the country to take Kabul and most of the rest of the country – the populace was bone weary of the constant violence and accepted the immediate calm they brought in their wake.

A difference now is that the Talib are responsible for most of the attacks and violence, rather than prime assholes like the recent returnee to Kabul, Hekmatyar Gulbuddin. Other scum like the Haqqanis have chipped in too. But when you cannot even carry on a normal day without worrying about being blown up, you get to be more amenable to accepting whomever can give you security.

I am not sure who will come out on top of this new round of murder and chaos – but I am absolutely sure of the losers. The people of Kabul (and elsewhere in country) are 100% sure to lose.