When you are dead, you do not know it.

It is only hard for everyone else.

It is the same when you are stupid.

I apologize for the delay. Compiling the the Derponomicon was an excruciating task, and having to re-read is even more painful.

In this installment, I asked the prog to respond to 2 videos. The first was an argument against the income tax called “I’m allowed to rob you.” The speaker asks why a fancy piece of paper signed by a bunch of people makes it OK to rob someone.


The prog wrote:

“Ok, here it is; The problem (one of many) with Larkins argument is he is not an elected official in any position of leadership or authority. So his example is basically simplified nonsense. If he said he was going to come into your house and rob you, but then in return maintain your house, mow your lawn, fix the stairs and sidewalk and landscaping around your house, protect your house from foreign invaders and fire, and ensure that you receive electricity, food, and water through infrastructure that allows it’s easy transfer, he might have a point. You see for the taxes we pay aren’t just going to a bunch of “lazy freeloaders” who do nothing. A fraction. Of a percentage of our federal taxes go to the poor. A much larger percentage of our federal taxes goes to subsidize the very privatized industries that bring us things like food, fuel, electricity, and water…but we still have to PAY THEM out of our own pockets for the services they provide. Giving needy, desperate, destitute, and even lazy people that don’t want to work, the means to survive is essentially society’s payment to them to keep them from having to resort to crime and violence to feed their families. I am not sure who said it, but there is a quote out there that says “Taxes are the price we pay for civilization.” Every single day, no matter who you are, are benefitting from.the collective taxation of US citizens. Whether you walk on a sidewalk, turn on a light, use the internet, eat a candy bar, drive in a car, use a computer, use indoor plumbing, etc. All of these things have been facilitated by the government and would not exist in their current for if not for the organization and incentives the government provides. Perhaps instead of worrying about the crumbs the poor are tossed like so many pigeons behind a bakery dumpster, perhaps we should worry about the guys in business suits repossesing everything in the bakery and foreclosing on the property.”


The next video is a dialog between a human and an alien. The alien asks about government and its nature. It becomes clear that the essence of government is violence, which does not sit will with the human interlocutor.

For me, the best part is when the alien says: so you let politicians steal, enslave, and kill, because you’re afraid someone else might?

The prog wrote:

“As far as the British alien video…..I don’t even know where to begin on this one. It doesn’t really seem to be making a case for anything other than some of the laws we have are silly or superfluous. But I don’t think anyone would disagree that speeding laws, or traffic laws, or environmental laws, or drug laws, or gun laws, or many of the other laws we have are unnecessary. I find the ultimate irony is that many anti-government types take all their laws, like the one that tells them at all costs they must hate the gays, for instance, from a thousands of years old book of archaic and ridiculous laws written by men that thought the earth was flat. Truth of the matter is, if you want to live in a civilized society, there will be laws, and a system of government in place. It can’t just be the wild west all time. Look at these war torn lawless societies in Africa, even with all the rapes, child soldiers, and limb removal…it’s really hard to find anyone with any sort of quality of life. It’s easy to bitch about Mom and Dad when they are the only thing keeping warm and dry and fed. I find that anti-government sentiment is tantamount to a petulant 16 year old bitching about how much their parents suck, but without them, they’d be homeless, starving, sex slaves.”