Happy Thursday.

Trial For Venal, Buffoonish Leader Set for Fall; Process Could Lead to Ouster for Collusion  I like the cut of these guys’ jib

Senate Republicans spin up obstruction of justice investigation for Loretta Lynch. If only there were some sort of, I don’t know, metal law…

Irish surprised to find out they aren’t white allowed to flaunt immigration laws anymore. If ever they were. It takes a special level of stupid to go on TV and talk about being illegal.

GIS for “sowing discord” makes as much sense as anything else Trump does

Oh, man, Trump bluffed Comey to keep him honest in his testimony and everyone is surprised, shocked, horrified that there are no tapes. Something, something his lips were moving. Also, see this grandmaster trolling. The enemy of my enemy is neither my friend nor ally necessarily, but I can enjoy watching him sow chaos and disorder.

The common thread, pretty va-cant.