Sorry Florida State baseball. They had a good run but LSU knocked them out last night. Although at this point, I’d be shocked if anybody could touch Oregon State. It’d take a slew of previously-unknown pederasty by their pitching staff to keep them from winning it all. Because obviously one didn’t hardly slow them down.

Also, NBA draft is tonight…Yawn. But the NHL’s expansion draft by the new Las Vegas team was anything but.  They got the goalie everyone was expecting them to go after. I’m gonna have to take a closer look to rate the other picks, but mullet-head Barry Melrose seemed impressed. Although the star of the evening had to be Marcel Dionne.

That’s it. Well, except for the Astros winning. And the Rockies giving up a 10-spot in the fourth inning.

Okey-dokey then. How’s about…the links!

Cindy: cocked and locked on the south

Well it looks like Tropical storm Dick and Balls Cindy is skipping H-town and heading to Louisiana. And you know what that means…a bunch of smug-ass progressives laughing at “God punishing the rednecks” and other such tolerant things from the oh-so-tolerant. There’s no link to this one. I just wanted to post the photo I got on my phone from a buddy.

But, what if nobody wants them? Well, really just that little corner up by a lake. The rest of the place is probably worth salvaging. And I’d personally send a lifeboat for the Glibs stuck in the bad part.

Can Alex Jones sue Slate for peddling a conspiracy theory that might even be too outrageous for even him? Seriously, they must be taking acid every hour on the hour over there to come up with this shit. (No TW necessary since I already said it was Slate.)

Florida Mom strikes again! (Click the video. The music is awesome!)

Trump’s budget is gonna cause the trains to, apparently, not run on time. Or not run at all. And some people are butthurt. Because there’s no better stewardship with the government’s money than to prop up a failing enterprise of 19th century technology.

KFC before paint job

KFC after paint job

Since Oakland has no other pressing matters, they’re able to dedicate time to denying private property rights.

And the asshole of the day goes to Hartford, Connecticut sociology professor Johnny Eric Williams. And frankly, it wasn’t even close. But I’m gonna stay tuned because I’m sure somebody from the tolerant left will top him by the end of the day.

Man, I sure like the way these numbers work out. Plus since that one is so short, here’s a little bonus. And I think “warm” is an understatement this week.

Th, th, th, that’s all folks! Make it a great day!