Much thanks to others for picking up the links through the middle of the week. It hardly feels like Thursday. Anyhow, much to do. Statists and collectivists are busy laying blame elsewhere for things that happened recently…

“What part of filled with non-flammable helium do you not get?” T/W Autoplay

Camile Paglia is now my go-to black-leather jacketed opinionist. I always find what she has to say original and interesting.

This Qatar arms sale reminds me of a Bill Hicks joke from the (first) US-Iraq war: “When are we going in? As soon as the check clears. Are the banks open on Monday? Probably Monday.”

Google drive will back up (someone’s — not mine because I don’t trust the Google) entire computer to the Cloud. I still don’t trust Apple — whose encryption schemes are hard to break — with my stuff.

NYT‘s lawyers will probably have to make a better correction than this to stop Ms. Palin’s lawyers from walking around with giant visible erections.


NYT Editorial Board

It appears that Bill Cosby’s defense was pretty effective. Judge holds jury hostage to get a verdict.


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