Well the Florida Gators won the CWS. The Astros lost. John McEnroe keeps giving honest answers which keeps pissing off SJWs that can’t handle reality and the Knicks are finally done paying Phil Jackson to troll them.  That’s pretty much it for sports. Damn, that’s one thing about summer that sucks.

But there are plenty of you Glibs that hate sports anyway, so you’re probably giddy that I will be forced to jump more quickly into…the links!

The New York Transit Authority just gets worse and worse at their job.

Apparently, nineteenth century technology is still a bitch to master. Just wait till the streetcars start doing the same in all the cities where they’ve pissed away your tax dollars for them.

Gee, um, we’re really sorry we lied to you. Its a good explanation how the old kids game of “telephone” gets played in the news game and how it results in so much bullshit being printed that you could fill Yankee Stadium with it (which isn’t a bad idea).

Glenn Greenwald cuts open CNN’s belly and rips their guts out. OK, maybe he doesn’t go that far, but its a serious indictment of the press’s incessant and often completely erroneous coverage of the “Russia story”.

Once a Marine, always a Marine. Even if its a woman…and she’s 80…do not fuck with a US Marine. Well done!

You can have your Xennials. I’m still happily in Gen X…and a Goonie!

Can’t decide if you’re a Gen-Xer or a Millenial?  Well if you’re born between 1977 and 1983, you may not have to choose one of those anymore!

And finally, The ACLU tears the Orange County (CA) Sheriff a new one. And they’re asking for all kinds of outrageous things like…actual civilian oversight of their gulags jails.

A new song…from 35 years ago. Actually, it is new. And its pretty decent new wave, IMO.

Well, that’s it for today’s links. Go out there and have a great day.