One of the bennies of being a site admin is the ability to abuse it for personal gain. In this case, professional, and there’s money involved.

Here’s the deal: at my day job, we use NAV for our ERP. We need to develop a database system which will integrate with NAV to store our product ingredient lists, where we can dynamically change the quantities to reflect changes in raw materials. Right now, that’s done through a half-assed Excel system, with NAV having nominal formulas to pull from inventory. We want to improve that process by having NAV be able to pull from the database.

The project was thrown at me, but since my boss realizes that I only have a vague idea of what a database is or how to use NAV (hey, I’m a scientist, not a computer geek), he told me I can contract the work out. So, since I have an audience with some very smart IT people in it, I wanted to toss out the opportunity here to make a few shekels by making me look good. If this looks like it’s in your wheelhouse, please raise your hand and I’ll contact you offline so we can scope out the project and get it quoted.