I have often snarked about the superiority of Rugby Union over the lesser forms of foreign sportsball. We have already had a look at Rugby League here… So in this exciting edition of Foreign Footy I will illustrate the majesty of Rugby Union. What could be better than 15 athletes trying to move a ball to the end of the field and touching it down to score (OK, they kick through posts too)?


Go for posts, sir!

Watch a great try                                                                  Here is a kick for ya.           Here is a drop kick.

How about when the other team is allowed to tackle you – and when you are tackled to the ground, you have to let go of the ball, and the action continues (a ruck).

A bunch of tackles.













A bunch of rucks.

If they don’t get you to the ground or out of bounds – then the ball carrier turns into a beef bone being fought over by two packs of wolves (a maul).








A maul clinic.

No NFL 3-5 seconds of action and a halt for 45 seconds or more.

It just doesn’t stop – in this case, Welshmen never yield.

In fact, the only time the action stops is when the ball goes out of bounds, a penalty is called or there is a score. OK, at halftime and the game end too, pedants…

Oh – none of that blocking stuff allowed. No forward passes either. Run with it forward, kick it and chase it down or pass it sideways or backward to a teammate.

When the ball comes back into play, it is either the Line-out (a throw in that would make NBA players wince).







A lineout. Sneaky, sneaky Kiwis.

Or the most GLORIOUS of athletic activities known to Mankind – the scrum!


…and drive!



But seriously – if you want a good intro to the rules of rugby look here.

You want the full set of rules (or “Laws” – yeah, that does make a libertarian wince to see them called “Laws”) try here.

If you want to see a match, played at a high level – put yer eyeballs on this.


The good guys win.