Its been a good loooong weekend so far. Lots of heat and humidity, as God intended. The Astros took two of three from the Yankees after someone gave me a hard time about it on Saturday. And Wimbledon got underway. A bunch of signings in the NBA, which will interest our Romanian contingent. And soccer is just around the corner.

Of course, all of those things pale in comparison to football. College or pro. Take your pick. Its still the greatest thing in the world and I daresay its what has made America the greatest nation on the planet.  Well, that and creating more than our share of the world’s wealth, our development of time- and labor-saving devices, our advancement of democratic institutions and our ability to put men on the fucking moon when nobody else could.

So enjoy this independence day. Even those of you from other countries. Because even with our whiny, butthurt snowflakes, even with a blowhard of a president, even with dickheads on college campuses trying to take away free speech and even with those choads from antifa  trying to stir up a civil war, this is by far the greatest place on earth.

Now that my heart is racing, here are…the links!


Jeopardy decides to “Stay Woke”. Hilarity ensues. (TW: Salon…but worth it in case your tear barrels are running a bit low)

Generation Z will likely be conservative, contrasting the millennials. The study says their (Gen-X) parents are doing a good job of raising them to recognize bullshit when they see it. You’re welcome world. We may have just saved you.

Elon Musk can’t seem to get his factory working as planned. But don’t worry.  I’m sure some government agency will throw money his way to help out with his latest Tesla scam.

Hey, can somebody get the governor on the phone and have him get one of those pardon forms out? Because when a child rapist serves 27 months and the parent of his victim who kills him gets 40 years, I think there is something wrong with our justice system.

Welcome to Austria. Now turn around.

You guys have seen all of those migrant stories of the influx pouring into Italy lately, yeah?  Well if Austria has their way, they might just stay there rather than pour into other nations. (Note: OMWC pointed out the disclaimer at the end and how lovely it is. Enjoy it, but be sure to get your Newspeak translator out first.)

Looks like the two most progressive places on the left coast don’t like each other. Now if only we could get people from Williamsburgh Brooklyn to move to…wait, where would they go without their parents funding it? Nevermind. There’s no equivalent.


Go out and have a great holiday. You earned it, America. (Enjoy work the rest of you!)